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(from the bulletin of Kesher Israel of Harrisburg, PA)


Upcoming Program at Kesher Israel

Kesher Israel's 2nd Annual Dave & Frances Cohen Volunteer Recognition Shabbaton - February 25-26, 2011
Kesher Israel will have a special treat for the community in conjunction with the Dave & Frances Cohen Volunteer Shabbaton weekend. In addition to honoring special members for their volunteer service through the years, Shlomo Horwitz, a one man educational theatre performer will deliver 3 presentations. 

Shlomo transforms himself into many characters, and takes his audiences on dramatic adventures with powerful stories that challenge all those in attendance to reflect on topics that are real and relevant.
The three performances will take place as follows:
Friday night, February 25: There will be a Shabbos dinner at Kesher Israel at 6:15 PM, with Shlomo's theatrical feature to follow. The community is invited to either or both events. Since we are living in Central PA, we get to meet "My Amish Friend, Benuel" -- as an Amish buggy driver helps us see where the Amish worldview is similar and different as he visits a Chasidic Jewish friend in Boro Park, NY for a Shabbos. It will be a wonderful meal and a dynamic event to get everyone into a perfect Shabbos mode. 
Reservations for the dinner are needed and can be arranged by calling Cecelia at KI 238-0763 (or e-mailing her at kesherisrael@aol.com). The early reservation special (by 2/15) is $25 per person or $70 per family. [Reservations made after 2/15 will be $30 per person and $85 per family.]
Shabbos morning, February 26: In delivering the Shabbos sermon, Shlomo will ask: "Do We Have a Leg to Stand On?" With so many major religions and billions of adherents, why do we think that we're still right, and why don't we follow the religions with the greatest numbers? Following services, there will be an enhanced Kiddush for everyone to enjoy.
Shabbos afternoon at Shalosh Seudos (around 5:40 PM): With our proximity to Gettysburg, Shlomo will recreate the battle of the rabbinic sermons in the North and the South in the 1860's against the backdrop of the Civil War. A look at the Torah and the code of Jewish Law will yield some very unexpected and shocking conclusions.
All of the weekend events are designed to enhance Kesher Israel's tribute to some very special people in our congregation who have been incredible volunteers for the Shul through the years.
KI will honor all of the past presidents of KI's Sisterhood, who have helped create such a wonderful environment for so many years. Additionally, KI will to recognize Dr. Sandy Silverstein for his tireless efforts over the course of many decades.
All of our honorees are perfect examples of the legacy of volunteerism that Dave and Frances Cohen demonstrated during their lifetimes.
The events of the weekend have been generously sponsored by Dr. Sid and Phyllis Cohen (Cleveland, OH), as an act of honor and respect for their parents -- and as a call to action for everyone presently affiliated with Jewish communal organizations.